March 10, 2002
New Feature: Blogging!

Today I added a new feature to Web logging ('blogging). I always wanted to have a "What's New" feature for the little things I add everyday, but it's a serious pain in the wrist to change the front page and a secondary page for each entry, much less to manage archives. A weblog is just the ticket!

I'm also going to use this weblog to share some of the interesting things I hear and ponder about. Categories I've set up include Java, Open Source, XML, Web Services, and .NET.

Wait a second! Did he just say .NET?!

Yes, I'm taking a tour of the dark side. I have a new contract to help port a Java-based web application to .NET, and I'm looking forward to airlifting myself into an entirely foreign, possibly hostile land. I've maintained a work journal since I started writing "Java Servlet Programming" four years ago, and I've always found it tremendously useful as a knowledge repository. This time I'm going public with my journal. Starting from zero, you and I together will see what happens when a Java programmer tries to become a .NET programmer.

Posted by Jason Hunter at March 10, 2002 01:47 AM
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