March 22, 2002
New Weblog Mailing Lists has two new mailing lists for those interested in receiving notification when new weblog entries are added. The first list provides instant notification, the second provides once-a-week notification of all entries added over that week. I've been asked for this feature by a few people, so I'm hoping people find it useful. You can subscribe here.

FYI, I'm using some home-grown software to manage the mail generation. It can pull data from any RSS or Meerkat feed and -- driven from an XML configuration file -- will send announcements at specified time intervals to any address as these feeds update. Comment to this blog entry if you want to take a look. It's darn useful.

Also, as of today all lists are hosted by Mailman. I've used Mailman on with great success, and I think Mailman is easier to manage than ezmlm.

Hope you enjoy the lists!

Posted by Jason Hunter at March 22, 2002 03:59 AM
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