April 03, 2002
Open Java at JavaOne

According to some, the Apache-Sun agreement caused the biggest buzz at JavaOne this year.

Tuesday morning started the buzz when I spoke in the Keynote with Sun CEO Scott McNealy and Sun VP Rob Gingell to announce our success in coming to an agreement over open source Java implementations. I'm frankly surprised they wanted a non-Sun person to make this announcement live on stage. I'm honored and proud I was able to be the one to make it. The speech wasn't even scripted. They said I had four minutes to say whatever I thought appropriate. I think I took eight. :-) Pictures and video are available.

The buzz continued on Tuesday with Apache sending out a press release detailing the agreement. You should read it if you want background details.

By the end of the week the news had been picked up by The Register, Infoworld, eWeek, InternetNews, and more.

This week the buzz has subsided, the conference goers are back at work, and Apache and Sun will be back at work making the letter of intent into a reality.

The events at JavaOne greatly surpassed my expectations. I'm increasingly optimistic for the future.

Posted by Jason Hunter at April 03, 2002 07:27 PM
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