November 06, 2002
A New File Upload Library Release

This release includes numerous file upload enhancements, bug fixes, and workarounds for various browsers. Among the most important:

  • Resolved an issue where exceptions were thrown if a boundary hit
    just at the end of the 64k read buffer.
  • Enhanced MultipartRequest to include query string parameters in
    its parameter list.
  • Added support to MultipartParser for browsers that send preambles.
  • Added a MultipartParser constructor that takes a character encoding.
  • Added support for unquoted header values (helpful to lynx browsers).
  • Added support for file names as part of the Content-Type header
    (helpful to Opera browsers).
  • Made DefaultFileRenamePolicy thread-safe.

I also enhanced Base64Encoder/Decoder and the MailMessage class, and added new entries to the FAQ and Servlet Bugs You Need to Know About listings.

Nearly all these improvements came as suggestions from users. My sincere thanks to everyone who wrote in with ideas and problem diagnoses. You'll see your names in the code. Keep the ideas coming!

Posted by Jason Hunter at November 06, 2002 03:11 PM
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