October 30, 2003
Oracle Magazine Times Three

The other night Jeff Spicer, the Oracle Magazine editor-in-chief, called me. He told me Oracle Magazine does an annual Editor's Choice award. I was ready for him to ask me to help out, since with JavaWorld I've often vetted candidates for their awards. Instead, Jeff told me I'd won the Author of the Year award. It was quite a surprise! From unpaid volunteer to award recipient in three seconds flat. They sent a photographer out to take my picture and had someone interview me and let me feel like a celebrity for a day. The award list with my story has just gone up on the web site. Oddly, my bio blurb doesn't include a picture. I guess that'll come in the hard copy version?

Now would be a good time to mention Oracle has published two new articles of mine. There's a new one in my J2SE 1.4 series and a new one in my XQuery series. I'm so tempted to say, From the award winning author... :-)

Posted by Jason Hunter at October 30, 2003 04:16 PM
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