March 08, 2006
Jason's 2006 Speaking Schedule

March 14 to 17: I'm giving four talks this year at SD West in Santa Clara, CA: I'll be giving a half-day XQuery tutorial, then session talks on "XQuery Search and Update", "Java Metatada", and "Forgotten Algorithms". I've been doing something or other at SD West every year since 1998!

March 23 to 25: In late March I'll be at The Server Side symposium in Las Vegas speaking on "Extreme Web Caching" and "XQuery for the Java Geek". It's my third year at the TSS shows. The first year they put my face on a playing card. :) An earlier version of the XQuery talk won a "Top Rated Session" award at JavaOne last year. See for a magazine article about this talk and what's cool about XQuery.

May 10 to 12: In May there's the new Ajax Experience show in San Francisco. I'm giving a talk on Greasemonkey.

May 16 to 19: Still in SF, I'll do JavaOne. I've been to every JavaOne save the first one, but usually I don't go to many talks. It's all about the people. I'm giving a talk titled "Extreme Web Caching" and a BOF on XQuery with Jonathan Robie of Data Direct.

May 23 to 25: Right on the heels of JavaOne is the Mark Logic User Conference, the show that feels to me today like JavaOne felt in 1997. It's a conference where people using Mark Logic gather to learn what's coming in MarkLogic Server 3.1 and to share tips, experiences, and code with each other.

July 22 to 23: Come July I start up the "No Fluff Just Stuff" tour at the Des Moines, IA, show. It's my fifth year on the tour, but I'm keeping it fresh with 5 brand new talks: "Forgotten Algorithms II", "What's Coming in Java 6", "Characters: Working with Non-English Languages", "Making the Most of Subversion", and "Greasemonkey". Knowing me, there'll probably be an XQuery talk too. Man, I have a lot of slides to write!

Here's the other cities I plan to hit:
July 29 & 30: NFJS Phoenix.
August 5 & 6: NFJS San Francisco.
Sept 16 & 17: NFJS Seattle.
Sept 30 & Oct 1: NFJS Calgary.
Oct 7 & 8: NFJS New York City.
Oct 14 & 15: NFJS Chicago.
Oct 28 & 29: NFJS Dallas.
Nov 11 & 12: NFJS Denver.

Maybe I'll do more shows throughout the year, but these are the ones on my calendar today. Looks like another Premier Executive year. Maybe 1K.

Posted by Jason Hunter at March 08, 2006 08:20 PM
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