July 26, 2009
JDOM 1.1.1 Released

You can get the build here:

Here's what's new:

Fixed a synchronization issue in the Namespace class that could cause a
hang when doing concurrent builds.

Added output support for Unicode surrogate pairs.

Added a new flag on SAXBuilder named setFastReconfigure() which, when set,
can speed reconfiguration by skipping repeated attempts to set features that
are determined not to be present on a parser. Useful when doing many builds
per second.

Updated the provided Jaxen library from a modified Jaxen 1.0 to the latest
which is Jaxen 1.1.1.

Added reflection code in the error reporting system to support Android's
Dalvik VM which doesn't have the java.rmi.* classes.

Posted by Jason Hunter at July 26, 2009 10:43 PM
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