September 26, 2002
New Poll: Should there be a 3rd Edition?

I just posted a new poll question on asking, "Would you buy a Java Servlet Programming, 3rd Edition, that covers the upcoming Servlet API 2.4?" API 2.4 is getting close to a release, and it's time for me to decide if I'm going to rearrange my life again to crank out a new edition. I'd hate to do it if there's not interest. So please write in and let me know!

Our poll on .NET had nearly 4,000 respondants. A little over half said, "No way!" they wouldn't consider .NET. About a quarter said it's possible. 7% were getting started soon, and a brave 12% were already using .NET. As for myself, my contract for .NET development got delayed but should start up again in the next month or two. We're going to look at how well J# lets us leverage our Java codebase. I'll blog the results.

To vote on the 3rd edition:

To view the .NET results:

Posted by Jason Hunter at 01:35 PM