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04.14.2001:, 2nd Edition
Now that the 2nd Edition of my book is out I have time to work on the 2nd Edition of this site. Already you'll notice an improved look and feel. Watch for new content coming next.

04.11.2001: Amazon officially starts selling Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition
You can now get the book shipped to you within 24 hours. The 1st Edition covered Servlet API 2.0; this edition covers API 2.2 and API 2.3 Draft. More info >>

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The Problems with JSP
By Jason Hunter
A serious look at JSP's problems. A little self-exploring article that has become famous.

Reactions to "The Problems with JSP"
By Jason Hunter
What people said about "The Problems with JSP". Flame suit on?

Free Cache: Come and Get It!
By Jason Hunter
An in-depth look at CacheHttpServlet. Now better documented in Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition.

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Programmatically Signing JAR Files
By Raffi Krikorian
While in most cases, programmatically signing JAR files is a frowned upon, there are a few cases when it is necessary. Apr. 12, 2001

First Contact: Is There Life in JavaSpace?
By Robert Flenner
Robert Flenner couldn't have imagined that JavaSpaces and Jini would lead to a space where first contact is a reality. Apr. 5, 2001

Crudlets: Making Peace Between Extreme Jini and XML Viewpoints
By Dave Sag
Dave Sag expresses his opinion about the Jini and XML communities, and proposes crudlets as a peace offering for the two. Apr. 5, 2001

Using Tomcat: Installing and Configuring Tomcat
By James Goodwill
James Goodwill covers the installation and configuration for the Tomcat Web Server. Mar. 29, 2001

Java and XML: Web Publishing Frameworks
By Brett McLaughlin
McLaughlin takes a detailed look at using Java and XML to create web publishing frameworks. Mar. 28, 2001


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