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Which servlet container do you prefer?

The following comments have been recorded for Jetty

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  • JBoss/Jetty (28 Sep 2003 00:00)
  • Jetty is brilliant, especially for embedding as part of an entire application. The guys that developed it are also real active on the support email list, well supported, documentation is somewhat light on. (27 Apr 2003 00:00)
  • I would like to read a comparison of the different Open Source servlet containers. (2 Sep 2002 00:00)
  • Jetty I found is a faster smaller alternative to Tomcat. Tomcat almost stops on my 100MHz machine with a mear 64 MB RAM but Jetty Screams. I am Happy (8 Apr 2002 00:00)
  • It's the fastest. It's has excellent support. It finds bugs in Tomcat. (13 Nov 2001 00:00)
  • Can't beat free (not that others aren't) - but also found it fairly straightforward to work with... Used to use Nexus.. (27 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • open source from the land down under (17 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • 100% Java works great (16 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • Free, fast, well supported, small! (15 Oct 2001 00:00)
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