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Which servlet container do you prefer?

The following comments have been recorded for IBM WebSphere

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  • nnIt1O xnxbkjtobiqr (9 Nov 2011 00:00)
  • Kalakkal container idhuthaanunga. (7 Sep 2004 00:00)
  • B'coz I am working on WSAD (24 Mar 2004 00:00)
  • By far the most robust and comprehensive application server out there. (6 Dec 2001 00:00)
  • Supported on the Platforms I need (25 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • This is my second vote - which means the poll is not very accurate if people are allowed to vote more than once - fix the polling process to verify duplicate voting by email at least!!! (25 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • It's overkill sometimes, but a safe way to go for big corporations. WebLogic is my second choice - Tomcat is perfect for smaller apps (25 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • Integrates well with Lotus Domino (25 Oct 2001 00:00)
  • The only servlet container I have used is WebSphere. So far we have not had any major problems using it. (8 Oct 2001 00:00)
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