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Seminars, Tutorials, and Presentations by Jason Hunter

Jason Hunter is a popular, engaging speaker who is available to speak and/or consult on topics including Java, Web Technology, Open Source, and XML. He has spoken to groups of 5 to 15,000 -- at venues ranging from keynote stages to classrooms to cruise ships. He's also an experienced consultant, having had contracts with companies of less than 30 people to companies in the Dow 30 Index.

If you'd like Jason to speak at your conference or to your company, the following are some talks Jason has already prepared. Click on each for a full description. Please write to for details on pricing and availability.

Jason also has experience as an expert witness.

Introduction to XQuery (1.5 hours to 3 days)
New Features of JDK 1.5 (3 hours)
New Features of JDK 1.4 (1 day)
JDK 1.4: New I/O (3 hours)
JDK 1.4: Preferences (1.5 hours)
JDK 1.4: Logging (1.5 hours)
JDK 1.4: Assertions (1 hour)
An Introduction to Open Source and Collaborative Development (1 day)
Servlet and JSP Fundamentals (2-3 days including lab time)
Open Source and Java (3 hours)
JDOM Makes XML Easy (1.5 hours)  [Slides available]
Servlets and Web Services (1.5 hours)
What's New with Servlets (1.5 hours)
Choosing the Best Java Web Interface Technology (1/2 day)


Jason is skilled in the art of speaking, having worked two years as a professional trainer on Enterprise Java technologies. He created and taught classes for Sun Microsystems, Quantum, Boeing, HP, Xerox, Lawrence-Livermore, Applied Materials, SAP, and Synopsys. He's also had television appearances on TechTV's "Silicon Spin" with John C. Dvorak and "The Screen Savers" with Leo Laporte.

Jason has spoken at conferences from large to small. Some of the most well known conferences at which he's spoken include: JavaOne (with a keynote presentation), Software Development, Web Design and Development, O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java, O'Reilly Conference on Open Source, CNet, and Geek Cruises.

Jason's credentials in Java:

  • Member of the JCP Executive Committee overseeing the Java Platform
  • Author of "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly)
  • Co-author of "Java Enterprise Best Practices" (O'Reilly)
  • Member of the expert group for the Servlet and JSP specifications, advising on servlets since before there were formal expert groups
  • Member of the Apache Jakarta project and holder of the only non-Sun commit access to the javax.servlet.* tree
  • Programmer and consultant on Java projects of all sort

Jason's credentials in Open Source:

  • Member and former Vice-President of the Apache Software Foundation
  • Led successful effort to allow open source Java implementations
  • Consulted for the, JXTA, and Grid Engine projects
  • Leader of the popular open source JDOM project

Jason's credentials in XML:

  • Principle programmer of the JDOM library for XML manipulation
  • Member of the expert group for the JAXP 1.0 and 1.1 specifications
  • Member of the expert group for XQJ (XQuery API for Java) specification
  • Programmer and consultant on numerous XQuery projects
  • Co-creator of BumbleBee, an XQuery test harness



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