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Reviews for ISP: Locaweb

The following comments have been recorded for "Locaweb".

Average Overall Score: 4.0
Average Features Score: 4.0
Average Reliability Score: 4.0
Average Support Score: 2.5

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I'm very satisfied!

Date: February 11, 2002
Reviewer: bruno souza   (
Reviewer site:
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 4     Support: 4

I'm very satisfied with the level of support to Servlets that Locaweb provides. I had tried Hostpro ( and had so many problems... Things are a lot easier with Locaweb, and run a lot better.

java/Servlet Support Extremely Poor

Date: May 16, 2006
Reviewer: Fabio Rispoli  
Overall: 3     Features: 3     Reliability: 4     Support: 1

I've been using their services for a long time. Everything worked great, with a few minor problems that I consider normal. The scenario changed when I decided to use ADF Faces.

I spent a month discussing with them in order to have my web pages running, mainly because of permissions in a shared JVM environment. I am not a specialist in Tomcat security configuration and thought this was their responsability. They only solved the problem when I insisted they tried to run my website in a internal server so they could see it worked and discover what was causing the trouble.

Besides this, the space provided is quite small considering the test environment is computed in the space contracted.

I really could not agree with a 5 avaliation.

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