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Reviews for ISP: mirsky.micro-systems

The following comments have been recorded for "mirsky.micro-systems".

Average Overall Score: 5.0
Average Features Score: 4.8
Average Reliability Score: 4.8
Average Support Score: 5.0

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Excelent hosting, I just pay 7$ !

Date: September 9, 2002
Reviewer: John  
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

Really excellent hosting, good configuration, last version of mysql & tomcat. Next week I will order postgresql account

really good!

Date: February 5, 2003
Reviewer: Jeremy Biersack  
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

I have tested several JSP providers in the past, but that one is really good. I can restart my tomcat engine (it takes about 30 sek), have full access to my manager application and can deploy war files. OpenCMS works fine. I've also some postgres applications , no problems, too.. Struts framework works without problems. Support: really good, I even called them in the midnight ;-) Of course, there was no java programmer in the midnight (only some engineer), but a java programmer called me 2 hours laters back (it was my fault, I've made an error in web.xml and wondered myself about 404 erorrs...)

excellent tomcat webhosting company

Date: April 10, 2003
Reviewer: webmaster of a big site   (-)
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

Fast servers located in level (3) Munich, so we have really good speed from USA and form European site visitors. Fast support.

fast server, excellent support

Date: July 27, 2003
Reviewer: James Trudov  
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

I recommend it to anybody looking for a relyable fast server.

Good quality, fast servers, big memory for my tomcat engine

Date: January 1, 2007
Reviewer: Klaus  
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

Good quality, because you get your own Java Virtual Machine. They give you 512 MB mem reserved only for you, so no performance problems. Servers are in level3 datacenter, seems to be OK. I will visit them next week in Munich, because my boss want to order there a Jboss cluster for our next project.


Date: July 14, 2009
Reviewer: Michael Uplawski  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 5     Features: 4     Reliability: 4     Support: 5

I have been a customer of Mirsky for some time, as long as I had the need for such an advanced web-host. Although my demands have changed drastically in the meantime, I look back at a time of an overall great offer, reliable service and, -what I deem the most important-, easy and quick adaptation to my changing needs. Lacking experience with other hosters, this is the one detail, that I am sure of: You can talk to these guys.
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