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Reviews for ISP: EZ Publishing, Inc.

The following comments have been recorded for "EZ Publishing, Inc.".

Average Overall Score: 2.6
Average Features Score: 3.1
Average Reliability Score: 2.3
Average Support Score: 2.2

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Lots of features but downtime an issue

Date: September 18, 2001
Reviewer: Peter  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 2     Features: 4     Reliability: 1     Support: 2

I've been with EZ Publishing for around a year. Their accounts are very cheap and have lots of features. HOWEVER! Too often I find my site down. My numerous complaints about at least being forewarned (they are often bringing the servers down) have fallen on deaf ears. I suppose you get what you pay for.

For the Money

Date: November 6, 2001
Reviewer: Jeff Hechter   (
Reviewer site:
Overall: 3     Features: 3     Reliability: 2     Support: 3

For the money ezpublishing is worth it. 100 meg space and java, jsp, applets, msql, and mysql support. Support not great but eventually they get it right.

You get more than you Pay !

Date: November 9, 2001
Reviewer: Paco  
Overall: 2     Features: 5     Reliability: 3     Support: 1

Apache - great ! Servlets - great, not Tomcat! Mysql - great ! Bandwith - very good ! Support - expect solutions on the next day ! Overall, a great place to host your starting business, before you go PRO.

Constant downtime, poor support, complete lack of communication with customers.

Date: July 16, 2004
Reviewer: Rye  
Overall: 2     Features: 3     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

I've been with this company for 4 years. Over the past year they've been getting progressively worse. I was considering leaving them last month when the server I'm hosted on was being rebooted 20 times a day, thus creating a lot of downtime. As of this writing, their entire site and all customers have been down for over 40 hours. They have been telling us things will be up in 1-2 hours since the beginning. Their tech support has always been mediocre, though the low price and reasonable features are worth considering if you don't actually care if your site's actually up or not.

Their support is excellent

Date: July 14, 2005
Reviewer: Robert L Anderson  
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

I have been really pleased with their JSP hosting so far (three-months as a customer). It has been very reliable and the perforamce has been solid.

The main reason I am writing this is to say that I was really impressed with their support. These guys know their stuff.

EZ Publishing's developer hosting is here:

I have also been using their StreamSend permission-based email marketing service called StreamSend ( to keep in touch with my current customer base.

I would say this would be a good host for java servlet developers and the like.

Robert Anderson

If you don't mind down time and slow techs

Date: August 8, 2005
Reviewer: Travis  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

If you don't mind constant downtime and it never being fixed, slow tech responce and techs that realy don't appear to care if they are hurting your business by all means go with them. Stuck with them for 6 years, mainly because #1 loyalty and #2 their dumb cgi paths kept me from moving. Just moved and my website traffic is up almost 50% since moving, now that's alot of lost traffic from down time! Cpanel based hosts offer so much more for less, why even bother.

Great Hosting at a Great Price!

Date: September 6, 2005
Reviewer: Larry Hack  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 5     Features: 5     Reliability: 5     Support: 5

I researched dozens of ISP's for hosting JSP sites and chose EZ Publishing. It's so simple to use. I am especially pleased with how fast I can add a new site myself using the Reseller Services. There are several built-in add-ons for logging, database, email, etcetera with plenty of on-line help and sample code. I also get quick resolution to items I post for support. I have been a customer for several years and I couldn't be happier!

Over Priced, Poor Support, Lousy eMail

Date: October 2, 2006
Reviewer: Dan  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 2     Features: 1     Reliability: 2     Support: 1

Web Interfaces are unreliable. Can't reach support by phone. Can't reach support unless they want to be reached. Over priced by today's best Host Provider standards. Email is practically non-functional. MySQL is slow to respond.

very very poor support

Date: February 19, 2008
Reviewer: Andrew Romer  
Reviewer site:
Overall: 1     Features: 1     Reliability: 1     Support: 1

been with these guys since 1999. Service has gotten progressively worse over time from continual dropouts to the point now where I have been waiting for almost 2 months to get my web site back online. The site is still down and I am really not happy. If they hadn't taken money out of my account for the next 2 years I would be moving. Think long and hard before you have anything to do with this company.
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